Q  Is this service available to resident of Japan alone?

No,  Pc2phone and IP telephony can be used anywhere in the world, however the calling card is JP based

Q  Where can I get a free card to be reloaded at the convenience stores in Japan?

A   You may request for a card by giving us a call, or making an online request  here:

Q   What is the billing system?

A    All calls are rounded up to a minute, however the JP based calling card are billed per every 6 secs.

Q    Which Phone can I use the Prime Time Calling Card service from?

A    You may use any phone in Japan, notably home and office landlines, Mobile Phones etc.

Q    Can I use this card for domestic calls?

A    Yes, You can call both domestic and international destinations.

Q    How can I bypass the Pin number entry prompt severally?

A    On your first call using the card your caller ID will be auto registered.

Q    How do I know when Access numbers and updates are available?

A    We encourage all subscribers to register on this site, this will enable us to service your needs at all times.

Q    I am very busy, and do not have time to top up card always, do you have any plan for me?

A    Yes, register for the Business and Corporate Plan, and get the FREE wireless or fixed IP Phone.